Broken Glass: How To Address Smashed Automotive Glass

Handling broken glass in your vehicle can be a difficult task, but a necessary one until you can take your car to get repaired. Car glass can be shattered in a variety of ways, whether it be during a hail storm, theft attempt, or hit by a ball. It is important that car owners know how to handle these situations in case it happens unexpectedly.

 Below is a list of suggested supplies and steps to address broken glass

Broken glass safety supplies:

  • A roll of thick masking tape
  • Thick gloves
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A piece of cardboard, or a heavy-duty thick trash bag
  • Industrial Vacuum (shock vac)
  • cleaner spray

Step by step instructions:

1. Dress in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The first step to addressing smashed automotive glass is dressing in PPE. Depending on the severity of the smash different PPE may be required.  For large breaks safety glasses may be a good addition, but for the majority of smashes thick gloves work just fine. After dressing in protective wear retrieve a bag to dispose of the shattered glass.

2. Dispose of broken glass shards

to begin, remove large glass shards from the interior and exterior of the vehicle and place them in your disposal bag. Then, carefully remove the loose glass shards still attached to the glass panel. After, vacuum the interior of the vehicle, the window panel and inside the window seal to insure that all glass has been removed.

3. Prepare for covering

Now it is time to prep the glass surfaces for covering. With a damp micro fiber cloth gently wipe down the glass with glass cleaner to prepare the surface for adhesion. once the area has been thoroughly wiped down let the surface completely dry.

4. Measure and place the covering

Both cardboard and durable plastic can be used to temporarily cover a broken window. First, measure the plastic or cardboard to the size of the window, then place it on the inside of the window panel. Secure the plastic or cardboard with masking tape to ensure it remains in the same place.

5. Tape up the broken glass

Once the initial cover is placed tape the rest of the window up with masking tape. Doing this insures that the covering and the window is secure enough not to break apart any more. Reinforce the window by adding additional tape to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Following these 5 steps will help you keep yourself safe before meeting us at Boulevard Auto Glass with regards to your broken glass. Boulevard Auto Glass is capable to service you and your glass needs at any time. Take advantage of our mobile repair option today!

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