Windshield Cracks

Cracks in Windshields: The most common causes

Windshield glass plays a critical role in the safety of your vehicle, which is why its so important to maintain the glass when it does crack. Auto glass cracks for numerous reasons, and some may be more common then others. Often, small chips will turn into large cracks if they are not filled when they occur. To avoid chips turning into cracks our Boulevard Team recommends the Backroad Rock Chip pass.

Some of the most common causes for windshield cracks are reasons many people are aware of already.

  • Hail
  • Rocks, Gravel and other debris from the road
  • Fallen objects and branches
  • Extremes weather conditions

Small chips causes by these reasons can easily spider-web into a large auto-glass issues. Its best to get a chip filled the moment you notice it to avoid the potential of expansion, and a more expensive repair.

These uncommon reasons for windshield cracks may come to you as a surprise

  • Extremes temperature changes
  • Improper or poor installations of the windshield glass
  • Physical Auto Glass imperfections

When installed properly by a professional windshields are durable and can withstand damage. Improper installation will undoubtedly result in a weak seal and cause the glass to crack much easier and faster. Boulevard Auto Glass manually inspects each sheet of auto glass before installation to ensure that there are no glass imperfections that would effect your vehicles safety. All of Boulevards technicians are equipped with extensive knowledge to confidently make decisions about your auto glass repairs or replacements.



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