Defog your windshield glass fast

During the winter months, Many Albertans face the issue of fog. Luckily, we have a quick solution to this dreaded problem. To learn about the techniques our techs use to defog our vehicles keep reading below.

Defog your windshield glass fast by following these tips and tricks that our team of professionals believe to be the best solution for fog. The fastest way to eliminate fog is to:

  1. Turn up  the heat in your vehicle the moment you get into the car
  2. After, turn on the A/C in your vehicle to absorb the excess moisture in the air
  3. Turn off air-circulation in your vehicle, this limits the temperature difference between the outside of the car and the inside.
  4. Open the window just a crack, this helps replace the warm humid air with the air outside to defog your windshield fast

These steps can help you tackle the dreaded windshield fog that happens every winter to all of us. Become a windshield defogging pro this winter season and follow the steps that many professionals swear by. Share these tips with a friend and get the word around about how to properly defog your car windshield glass. Driving with a fogged up windshield is a safety hazard, before operating any vehicle please ensure that all windows and windshields are free of debris, snow and moisture.

Hopefully these tips assisted you in defogging your vehicles glass, for more helpful tips and tricks, visit our community blog section located on the Boulevard Auto Glass website. For windshield replacement information and other repairs, contact us today!

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