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Don’t DIY your windshield replacement: Here is why

Conducting your own Windshield replacement may seem like a good idea initially, but it will usually end up costing you more than getting it professionally replaced. People think that DIYing a replacement will save them money when in reality its more expensive. Most self replaced windshields are not installed properly. Make the smart choice and get your auto glass professionally installed to begin with.

Save auto glass replacements and repairs to the professionals. Just because you’ve watched some videos on YouTube about how to replace a windshield does not mean that its a simple task to do. These are trained professionals explaining the process with years of experience. Additionally, you may be purchasing the wrong supplies, or not have the proper tools to conduct a flawless application.

By replacing your own windshield you are risking your vehicles integrity on the roads. The safety of your vehicle should always be the highest priority of yourself as the driver and for the people around you. An incorrectly installed piece of glass has the potential to completely shatter with the slightest impact. This has the potential to cause serious harm to you, your passengers and the people around you. Another problem with installing your own windshield is that it is difficult if you do not have the proper tools. By committing to a DIY project of this magnitude you may be jeopardizing your vehicles frame. Causing more damage to your vehicle is the main issue that issue with doing DIY replacements and repairs on your vehicle.

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