highway driving

Highway Driving: Auto Glass Protection Tips

Highway driving can be extremely dangerous which is why its important to follow guidelines that promote the safety of yourself and others on the roads. Additionally, highway driving can be damaging to your windshield glass. There are various ways that glass can be damaged on the highways and we have listed them here. Follow these guidelines to ensure the safest arrival to your desired destination.

Most importantly, ensure that you are maintaining a safe following distance behind every vehicle. By doing this, you are ensuring your ability to stop incase the vehicle in front of you crashed. Also, this ensures that no rocks will be hitting your windshield glass causing rock chips to form.  Following too closely behind a vehicle will most likely result in rock chips in your auto glass, and these will eventually require a windshield replacement if not maintained.

Another helpful tip that definitely applies to our fellow Albertans is to keep caution of wildlife, especially when leaving or entering the city. Moose and deer can cause a fatal accident and must be watched out for on the roads. Hitting one of these massive animals on the highway can completely total your vehicle and may result in serious consequences.

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