How cold weather affects your auto glass

The cold months are quickly approaching which means its time to review how to effectively maintain your auto glass through weather shifts. Cold weather affects glass in a variety of ways and in some cases can result in cracked or shattered glass. To avoid the chance of your glass developing cracks over the cold season there are some routes to take. Our team has created of list of these options below.

First things first, before it starts getting noticeably cold outside replace your windshield if there are cracks in the glass. The cold weather can cause the inside of vehicles glass to frost if there are large cracks. This can be a serious safety hazard which is why our team recommends entering the chilly seasons with a newly replaced windshield.

Another helpful tip is to purchase the Boulevard Auto Glass backroad pass to protect your glass against rock chips. This one-time purchase pass covers rock chip repairs for an entire year.  Rock Chips happen often during the colder months making it a perfect time to invest in a rock chip annual pass for unlimited rock chip repairs.

Lastly, our team recommends additional cold protectants for your auto glass. Including a physical windshield cover to protect your glass from snow, frost and the outdoor elements. As well as a de -icier spray and windshield brush for quick touch ups during your personal daily errands.

Hopefully these tips help you prepare your vehicle for the colder seasons ahead of us. For more information ask our team members.

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