How to limit the spread of windshield cracks

Windshield cracks are the most common cause of auto glass repairs. In order to avoid this common concern the team at Boulevard Auto Glass has compiled a list of tips to help prevent the spread of windshield cracks. Such includes tips to limit the spread of existing windshield cracks as well.

Following distance is the most important tip, especially in Alberta, to avoid getting chips and cracks in your windshield. It is important to remain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead to ensure that rocks from the road do not spit in the direction of your vehicles windshield. Alberta roads are notorious for causing windshield damage and chips which is why following this tip may save some time before  a new windshield needs to be installed

Another important tip to consider is getting rock chips filled sooner rather than later. Alberta has very unpredictable weather which can cause rock chips to develop into cracks instantaneously without warning. Quick weather shifts impact the quality of the glass of vehicles,  the glass will often expand and contract which may lead to rock chips developing into windshield cracks. This is why its imperative to fill rock chips when they appear – to avoid the chip becoming a crack.

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