How to make a windshield replacement last longer

How to make your windshield replacement last longer damage free

This is the read for you if you have ever wondered how to make your windshield replacement last longer damage and crack free.

Leave the tape on to make your auto-glass last longer

The most common mistakes individuals make after a windshield replacement is immediately removing the tape that is securing the windshield. The tape on your windshield is suppose to stay on for a minimum of 24 hours after installation to ensure that the adhesive completely cures. In addition, after any auto-glass installation your vehicle should not go through a car wash. The adhesives interaction with water will cause the bond between your vehicle and the glass to weaken. This ultimately results in a poor seal.

ITEKT liquid glass protection

ITEKT liquid glass protection is a liquid solution that is sold at Boulevard Auto Glass and recommended to customers. If you are getting a new windshield installed we recommend the ITKET liquid glass service in pairing to the installment. When dry, this formula acts as an additional glass layer on your windshield strengthening the glass and making it last longer. Including ITKET liquid glass protector in your windshield replacement service guarantees the longevity of your auto glass.

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