How to safely De-Ice your Windshield

With Winter comes frost. Many Albertans face the issue of frost during the winter months. To tackle this, Boulevard Auto Glass has developed the perfect solution and luckily for you we are going to share it!. To learn more about the techniques our techs use to de-ice vehicles quickly and safely keep reading below.

De-Ice your windshield glass fast by following these tips and tricks that our team of professionals believe to be the best solution for frost. The quickest and safest way to eliminate fog is to:

  1. First, Start your vehicle.
  2. Turn up the heat in the car all the way.
  3. Adjust the air-flow to circulate.
  4. Fill a plastic bag with warm water.
  5. Move the warm water bag along the windshield where the most frost is seen.

If this isn’t removing the frost quick enough, try filling a spray bottle up with one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Then, spray the mixture on the glass and wipe the frost away with a micro cloth towel.

These steps will help you tackle the dreaded windshield ice that we all experience during the winter season. Follow these tips and become a windshield de-icing pro! Feel free to share these tips with a friend and get the word out about the safest and quickest ways to de-ice windshield glass. Driving with a frosted windshield is an extreme safety hazard, before operating any vehicle please ensure that all windows and windshields are free of debris, snow, moisture and frost.

Hopefully these tips assisted you in de-icing your vehicles glass, for more helpful tips and tricks, visit our community blog section located on the Boulevard Auto Glass website. For windshield replacement information and other repairs, contact us today!

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