Windshield replacement in Calgary being performed by Boulevard Auto Glass technicians

Key signs that you need a windshield replacement

There are numerous ways to tell if you require a windshield replacement. Usually, it will be obvious when you require a replacement because the windshield crack is impacting your visibility of the road ahead. Its important to schedule a windshield replacement when you notice this visibility concern because these cracks are sometimes responsible for serious road collisions and driving accidents.

At Boulevard Auto Glass, we use the most innovative equipment and techniques to ensure that each glass replacement is done flawlessly. Some of our techniques include using a state of the art wire system that removes glass without any damage. Ways to determine if you urgently require a glass replacement is to measure the length of the crack. If the crack exceeds 14 inches its recommended to schedule a replacement. This is because large cracks can affect the stability of your vehicle. Windshields are a key safety feature in vehicles, and when this glass is damaged the vehicles safety is jeopardized.

Another way to determine if your vehicle requires a glass replacement is to monitor the location of the crack. Cracks that are near or along the rim of the glass must be replaced immediately. The location of this windshield crack can allow moisture and debris to penetrate resulting to damage to your vehicle.

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