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Prepare your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is Coming! Prepare your vehicle for the cold months of the Winter season by following the tips listed in this blog post. Winter is the harshest season in Alberta for cars, which is why its important to prepare properly for this time of year.

To start, ensure you are entering the winter season with a crack and chip free windshield. Having cracks in your windshield in the winter can cause the inside of your vehicle to get frosted. Ensure this does not happen to you this season by scheduling a Windshield Replacement with Boulevard Auto Glass today.

Another great idea is to change your windshield wiper blades to winter windshield wiper blades. These blades are specifically designed to tackle the cold Winters which is perfect for Alberta weather.

Keep a weather emergency kit inside your car to just incase something happens and you get stuck on the side of the road. A vehicle emergency kit should contain jumper cables, a blanket, a ice scraper, a shovel, gloves, flashlight, flares, foldable pilon and deicer. Emergency kits are a must have for any road trips or Alberta Mountain excursions ensure you are safe by packing one. Give a friend your location if you are planning on hitting the elements with your vehicle this winter. Safety should always be prioritized especially in the winter when it is extremely cold outside.

Winter is tough on our vehicles which is why its important to take care of them. Run your car for 5-10 minutes prior to driving in the cold mornings to make sure you aren’t damaging your vehicle.

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