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Properly Maintain your Windshield with these Tips

Windshield Maintenance should be an important part of your vehicle upkeep routine.  If your looking for tips to properly maintenance your windshield then you have come to the right place to learn. The Boulevard Auto Glass community blog is all about sharing our technicians top tips with curious individuals like yourself.

Most people are surprised to find out that windshield wipers cause a significant amount of damage to windshield glass. This is why changing wiper blades regularly is recommended. Especially since  in Calgary we get such extreme winter weather its important to stay on top of regular wiper replacements.

In addition, we recommend being proactive when it comes to windshield maintenance. If you notice a rock chip, act sooner then later to protect the integrity of your windshield glass. A small rock chip can quickly spread into a large crack which will most likely require a complete windshield replacement.

Ensure you are using the right cleaners when you clean your car. Some online articles will recommend using regular household glass cleaner to clean your windshield glass. Do not do this! Household glass cleaner often contain chemicals that could damage windshield glass permanently. Make sure you are using vehicle grade windshield cleaner to polish your windshield glass properly.

This is a pretty common tip, but try to avoid slamming your car doors. Slamming your car door can damage the seal between your windshield glass and the vehicles body. Ensure you are closing your doors carefully to avoid any potential breaks in the adhesive seal.

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