Repair vs. replace: windshield glass

If you are currently deliberating between repairing and replacing your windshield there are a few factors to consider before making your final decision. Obviously if your windshield has large cracks in the glass it would be important to replace the glass completely.  The level of damage the cracks have caused can impact the integrity of your vehicle. If the vehicle you use mainly has chips in the glass then you can get those filled and avoid a complete replacement. Now its time to get more into this discussion.

Auto glass repair

If fixing the glass damage does not affect the safety of the vehicle then a repair is a suitable option for your concern. In addition,  if the crack in question is smaller then 12 inches it can be repaired instead of replaced. As long as the crack is not touching the perimeter of the auto glass then it should be okay for repairs. If any of these factors are not met then the next option would be an auto glass replacement.

Auto glass replacement

When its time to replace auto glass its usually pretty obvious. If the crack in your glass is effecting your visibility of the road, or it touches the perimeter of the glass its time for a replacement. In addition, if the crack is larger than 14 inches its important to replace the glass because it effects the vehicles integrity. The safety of a vehicle should be prioritized which is why its important to routinely replace or repair automotive glass.

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