chipped windshield

Should chipped windshields be replaced?

The question many people end up asking our staff is if they should get a chipped windshield replaced. The answer to this question is a little more complicated then what is let on. Replacing a chipped windshield is dependent on the severity of the windshield damage.

If there are multiple chips in your windshield that are limiting your vision then its time to consider replacing your windshield glass. Chips can spread into cracks when there are frequent temperature shifts in the atmosphere. Its important to consider replacing your windshield before the colder months come to avoid the interior of your windshield frosting. If the interior of your windshield frosts its usually because of chips and small cracks in the glass.

Chipped windshields can usually be fixed by filling the chips with a special sealant.  Boulevard Auto Glass offers the service of a Backroad Rock Chip Pass which offers a year long membership to free chip fixes. This is a great alternative to a windshield replacement if your auto glass isn’t as damaged yet. Nevertheless, if your auto glass is noticeably damaged it make be time to consider a replacement, and a rock chip pass to ensure future auto glass upkeep.

The best way to maintain a chipped windshield is to consistently fill the chips that are on the auto glass. By maintaining this routine your windshield will undoubtedly last longer than your previous one. Its just as simple as purchasing a rock chip pass and coming in for a chip fill whenever you need it.

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