Windshield wipers

Squeaky windshield wipers solutions

When the weather is nice the functionality of your windshield wipers probably doesn’t cross your mind, but its important to consider this to prepare for rain or snow. When the time comes its important that your windshield wipers work properly and provide you with clear road visibility. Squeaky wipers are not a good sign for your automotive glass. This noise usually indicates that the wipers are scratching the surface of the automotive glass.

Squeaky windshield wiper solutions

The first step that should be taken to solve this annoying noise is properly cleaning the glass. Squeaky windshield wipers may be caused by built up dirt on the surface of the automotive glass. Begin by spraying the glass with a cleaning solution then wiping down the windshield. Simply just cleaning your windshield may solve a squeaky wiper problem. Another solution may be individually cleaning the windshield wiper blades. To clean the blades put either WD-40 or rubbing alcohol on a cloth and thoroughly wipe the blades down. If neither of these solutions solves the squeaky blade issue that may mean its time for a replacement. new wiper blades is an inexpensive solution of installed correctly. If the blades are not installed correctly the noise will continue.

At the Boulevard Auto Glass store front we sell premium wiper blades for purchase. If none of these solutions fix your issue then it may be time for a replacement. If you require new blades come by the Boulevard Auto Glass store and our experienced team will properly install new blades for you.

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