winter weather

Top Winter Weather Auto Glass Tips

The winter weather can put a toll on your vehicle throughout the season. The harsh climate isn’t the best for automotive glass either. The winter is usually when most people get the most rock chips in there windshield glass. Here are our technicians tips to avoid damaging your automotive glass in this winter weather.

Did you know that the most common cause of windshield rock chips are following cars in front of you too closely. In the winter especially, its important to maintain a comfortable following distance behind other vehicles. Following too close often results in rock chips in your windshield glass. Avoid this and you will one step closer to avoiding rock chips during the winter.

Another top tip for the winter weather is to be aware that rock chips spread when there is a recognizable increase in temperature. Leaving your car on for 30 minutes to heat prior to leaving may not be the best for your windshield glass when its below freezing outdoors. When the temperature of your vehicle and the outdoor weather is significantly different it can cause rock chips to spread. Instead of blasting the heat in your vehicle, slowly let your car warm up then increase the heat.

Lastly, its important to change your wiper blades seasonally. Its recommended to change the blades every 6 months but you can get away with changing them yearly. New wiper blades ensure that the glass is scratch and damage free longer.

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