What Types of Windshield Glass are there?

The strongest glass in your vehicle is found in your primary front windshield. This windshield glass is particularly  strong and designed to be shatterproof to protect the driver and passenger. Laminated auto glass and tempered auto glass are the two main types of automotive windshield glass. The rear and side windshields are usually tempered whilst the front windshield is normally laminated to ensure maximum protection to the individuals in the front of the vehicle.

Laminated auto glass requires the process of molding two pieces of glass around a sheet of plastic to form an extra strong sheet of glass. This is normally used on front windshields to protect passengers from the glass shattering. Tempered auto glass is heated to an extreme heat then cooled instantly to form a sheet of glass that breaks into tiny pieces on impact. This ensures that no sharp glass pieces can harm anyone if the glass shatters. Tempered glass is usually used in rear windshields and side door windows.

When scheduling a repair or replacement, its important to understand which windshield glass you are referring to. Front door and rear door glass are what makes up the passenger windows. Rear back windows and front windows are the front and back windshields and lastly vent glass makes up any small section of glass.

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