Windows been sticking rolling up? Lets find out why!

Are your power windows slow to roll up? Have they been sticking and falling off track often? Do you find yourself pulling your windows up to get them to roll up? If this is the case, you’ve came to the right place to find a solution.

Power windows are a great addition to all makes and models of vehicles but only if they properly work. Sometimes these windows have issues that cause them to stick and not rollup properly, or without assistance. The reason being potential switch failure, sticky windows, a blockage and sensor errors. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a lubricant spray to make the rubber tracks less tight on the glass. If this issue continues to concern you, book a quote today and our team will take a proper look. Boulevard Auto Glass services all glass needs even solutions for windows

Power windows follow a rubber track when they move up and down, and over time this track starts to deteriorate due to the weather conditions. This issue causes the rubber to stick to the glass which effects the strength of the motor that pushes the glass up and down. Usually spraying lubricant’s on the rubber will solve this issue. Even if you do not experience window glass sticking its important to spray the rubber at least annually to prevent future problems.

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