Why Do I Need to Replace My Windshield?

Your windshield is cracked. What’s the big deal? Your vehicle still works and you can get where you need to go. Actually, there are many reasons to be concerned about a cracked or compromised windshield.

  • Your windshield is a safety feature. A windshield is made of two layers of glass bonded together by a layer of vinyl. The vinyl holds the glass in place protecting the driver and passengers from falling shards during an impact. In case of a collision, the windshield transfers the force away from the driver and passengers. It provides 45 percent of your vehicle’s structural strength during a head-on collision and 60 percent during a rollover. The passenger-side airbag utilizes the windshield as a backstop when it deploys, bouncing off the windshield to protect the passenger from hitting the glass. Your windshield is one of your vehicle’s most important safety features and needs to be maintained.
  • A damaged windshield can distract you or disrupt your visibility. A crack in your windshield can distract the driver. If the crack collects dirt and water it can also decrease visibility. Distraction and reduced visibility are unnecessary risks.
  • Insignificant cracks can quickly develop into a problem. You may consider it unimportant and decide to ignore a crack. But, a compromised windshield can be further weakened if your windshield is hit by a rock or road debris, if you slam your doors frequently, if there is a sudden change in air pressure, if you drive over severe bumps/potholes, or if moisture accumulates in the crack. Suddenly, you have extensive damage! It’s wise to take care of all cracks, even those that seem inconsequential.
  • A damaged windshield can result in a ticket. If you operate a vehicle with a windshield that impairs your vision, you may receive a ticket. In Alberta, you can be charged a heavy fine for a crack that is within the area swept by the wipers and measures more than 12mm in diameter.

No time for windshield replacement? Try mobile services.

We live in busy times! It can be difficult to schedule an in-shop windshield replacement. Boulevard Auto Glass has a mobile fleet outfitted with the tools and equipment needed to replace your windshield or provide chip repair wherever you are. We can meet you in your driveway, the parking lot of your workplace, at the community center where you’re watching your child’s swim lessons, the park, the library, and so on.

Windshield maintenance needs to be taken seriously. Repair cracks or have your windshield replaced when damaged. Consider having an armour coating applied. An armour finish fills the peaks and valleys, protects against stone/sand/road-debris, repels rain/snow/slush/insects and reduces glare allowing safer driving at night and during bad weather.

Boulevard Auto Glass offers in-shop and mobile windshield replacement for all makes and models of vehicles. Our experts install a safety-approved replacement with a lifetime warranty on installation. We’re prepared for same-day appointments, walk-ins, and emergencies. We provide dependable service 7 days a week, fair pricing, guaranteed two-hour turnaround, full mobile service and a stress-free experience. Boulevard Auto Glass is an Alberta owned, full-service auto glass company ready to provide all your auto glass needs. Call (587) 609-6172 today for an appointment. We come to you or you come to us!