Showcasing ITKET liquid glass withstanding to winter

Why to use ITKET liquid glass protector for your vehicle

A common frustration for drivers is easily chipped and foggy windshields. At Boulevard Auto Glass we recommend using  ITKET liquid glass protector to ensure that these challenges are not faced often.

ITKET liquid glass protector is the most durable, effective and affordable liquid glass protector on the market today. The main ingredient is sand (silicon dioxide (SiO2)) which makes this liquid glass also environmentally friendly. The sand used in the liquid glass formula has been compressed to a molecular level using nanotechnology. This formulation is lab-tested and is proven to work as a natural shield against insects, dirt, snow, ice, water, shatters and scratches.

Once the ITKET liquid glass protector fills in the pores of your windshield it perfectly bonds with the glass. The formulation limits road fog leaving your view of the road completely visible in all weather conditions. At Boulevard Auto Glass we stand by ITKET liquid glass technology because our mission is to keep our customers as safe as possible on the roads.

Say goodbye to foggy scratched mirrors, and hello to clear vision with ITKET liquid glass protector today! The Boulevard Auto Glass team can provide you with more information about this product, and its longevity during your next visit to our shop. Feel free to ask our team any questions about ITKET liquid glass protector at any time.

Boulevard Auto Glass offers in-shop and mobile windshield installations for all makes and models of vehicles. The windshield replacements come with a lifetime warranty effective on the day of installation with reference to the integrity of the installation itself (disclaimer: this warranty does not cover damage to the glass that is not a direct result of the installation). We work around your schedule and welcome same-day customers, walk-ins and emergencies. Our services are available 7 days a week for a fair price with a guaranteed two-hour turnaround. Can’t get out of the office? Give us a call and we will send our mobile service to you! Boulevard Auto Glass is an Alberta-based company prepared to solve all of your auto glass problems. Call (587) 391-4030 today for an appointment. We come to you or you come to us!