Why you Should be Regularly Fixing the Rock Chips in your Windshield

Rock chips are the most common cause of windshield replacements. You should be regularly fixing the rock chips in your windshield because it protects the glass from cracks forming. Cracks can easily form when rock chips have not been filled yet, this is why we recommend regular maintenance for rock chips. Boulevard Auto Glass is proud to announce the Backroad Rock Chip Pass which covers any rock chips repairs for free for an entire year! Call us today to learn more about the Backroad Rock Chip Pass!

The cold weather can cause rock chips to occur more often in auto glass. To maintain a crack-free windshield its important to regularly fill any chips that present themselves. Chips are annoying. Trust us, we understand. Even though these pesky chips get on all of our nerves its worth it to fix them and avoid a replacement when its not needed. We recommend regular chip maintenance because overall it will cost you significantly less.

Keep in mind that at Boulevard Auto Glass we offer mobile repairs and replacements. If you find yourself unable to make it to our shop, give us a call and we will conveniently schedule a mobile repair where we come to you! Hopefully this information answered some of your questions, for more information visit our community blog section located on the Boulevard  Auto Glass website. For windshield replacement information and other repairs, contact us today!

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