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Windshield replacements: why not to wait

A chip can turn into a crack, and a crack can turn into a spiderweb. There is a reason why its important to catch windshield chips early, and its because chips expand into larger problems. Boulevard Auto Glass offers a annual Rock Chip Pass which gives you unlimited chip repairs over the course of a year. Avoid the expenses of  windshield replacements by committing to our Rock Chip Pass for the year.

Windshield replacements are a necessary fix for all automotive vehicles. We are here to explain why its important not to wait to replace your windshield.

1. Cracked windshield means tickets

Incase you didn’t know, a cracked windshield can land you a expensive fine from the Alberta police. In Alberta drivers can be fined up to $300 for cracks or blemishes in the glass exceeding 12mm in diameter. Either the police will fine you an expensive ticket, give you an order for repair forum, or take your car off the road completely.

2. Your vision is limited while driving

Driving with a cracked windshield means that your vision is obstructed while driving. Driving with an obstructed view can put you and the people in your car in danger on the roads. It is important to maintain a clear view of the road while driving to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

3.  Cracked windshields make collisions extremely dangerous

The safety of your vehicle is jeopardized when your windshield is severely cracked. If your car got into an accident a cracked windshield may result in the failure of your vehicles safety features.  Whether that means the failure of your airbags deploying, or failure of your windshield protecting you from being thrown out of the car.

4. Replacing your windshield is encouraged

Windshield replacements are highly encouraged when you begin to notice that the glass is shattering for multiple reasons. Mainly because this expense will save you money overall. It will save you from being ticketed, but most importantly protect you and your passengers.

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