• Cover it with scotch tape.
  • Avoid the use of your defrost setting
  • Close your doors gently
  • Avoid use of a car wash if possible.
  • Never place glue or other adhesives into the chip
  • Visit Boulevard Auto Glass for a fix in 20 minutes!

​ ​At​ Boulevard Auto Glass, ​we recommend you wait 24 hours before washing your vehicle, as the high pressure of automatic car washes can damage the seal and outer molding before the adhesive has a chance to cure sufficiently. Cold temperatures may increase the time required for the adhesive to cure.

While an appointment is preferred, at​ Boulevard Auto Glass walk-ins are welcome!

Absolutely not! At ​Boulevard Auto Glass, ​rock chip repairs are serviced on a walk in, first come first serve basis.

At ​Boulevard Auto Glass, r​ock chip repair takes an average of 20 minutes to complete.

At ​Boulevard Auto Glass, we guarantee replacement of your windshield within a two-hour limit. If you also need calibration services the service may take longer, but often we are still able to work within the two hour mark. Get a Quote today!

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as rain sensors, lane assist, parking assist, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian crash avoidance mitigation, etc. are intended to increase car and road safety. At Boulevard Auto Glass, ​we always recommend that vehicles equipped with ADAS features undergo calibration, as replacing your windshield can throw off the sensors thus compromising your safety. ​Boulevard Auto Glass ​can calibrate your ADAS systems.

Most new vehicles have some Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). You will require calibration when your windshield is replaced if your car has one or more of the following:

  • Lane departure warning/lane change assistance
  • Collision avoidance system/forward collision warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Headlight control/night vision
  • Autopilot/self-driving capabilities
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Park assist/parking sensor
  • Rain sensors
  • Driver drowsiness protection
  • Emergency driver assistance
  • Turning assist

Boulevard Auto Glass​ can calibrate your ADAS systems.

Some auto insurance policies include glass insurance that will cover windshield replacement. At ​Boulevard Auto Glass ​we are happy to contact your insurance company and deal with the paperwork on your behalf and it may be possible to waive a portion of your insurance deductible.

As long as the temperature is above freezing and the technician has a dry space to work. The Boulevard Auto Glass ​technicians can install your windshield inside a garage, shop, or any space with overhead coverage from the elements. The technicians also require the proper space to open the vehicle’s doors if needed.

For the most part, yes! If you do not have time to come to our shop, our service vans are equipped to perform windshield replacement almost anywhere. On site service can be performed at your home, office, or even a parking lot. As long as the temperature outdoors is above freezing and it isn’t raining or snowing, our only mobile restrictions are underground and paid parking areas.

Absolutley! Please visit our Warranty & Conditions page for full details